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One for the old school Soul heads…A dinky little site we found for the Limerick based Celtic Soul Scooter Club. Lambretta’s and Vespa’s were often seen around Limerick/Clare in various shapes and customized sizes and colours before the Celtic Tiger era. They are still to be seen but not to the same extent so it great to see someone keeping this alive. Scooter-ing has always had ties to the soul music scene and many of the older soul heads would remember wild all night parties in the Clare/Limerick area in the 80’s and 90’s soundtracked by a love of soulful music (generally a big element of the Northern Soul and Motown sounds involved) . Good to see the Scooter scene still going strong. These scooters are classic designs and look as cool, sleek and individual today as they did way back when..
Check out their site here to see pics of cool scooters and records of local and international scooter runs over the last few years.
Loads of Scooter Chat here